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    INCLUDES 2 FULL COURSES   For high-performing sales professionals, the sales process doesn’t end with closing the sale. There is still work to be done! Now is the time to engage in your Post-... (Read more)

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    INCLUDES 8 COMPLETE COURSES. Once you are engaged with a prospect, there are 8 Core-Activities that, if followed, will increase the likelihood of a successful sale. This Training Set includes th... (Read more)

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    INCLUDES 2 FULL COURSES.     This training set is made up of two core Pre-Sales Activities to help you generate high target sales opportunities. Courses included in this set are: 1) Pro... (Read more)

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    This module will take about 30 minutes to complete. Target advertising channels send your message to a specific target market, while awareness advertising channels send your message to a broad a... (Read more)

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    This module will take about 35 minutes to complete. For many small and mid-size businesses, marketing is reactive rather than strategic. But a clearly defined plan is essential to reach your goa... (Read more)

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    This module will take about 25 minutes to complete. Many sales representatives encounter stalls in the sales process because they do not properly establish expectations. This lesson covers how t... (Read more)

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