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    Case Studies and Testimonials (SA-014)

    Most sales organizations do a poor job effectively using case studies and testimonials to support their efforts. To the extent you obtain and use these tools correctly, your close ratios will incre... (Read more)


    Obtaining Referrals (SA-013)

    Referrals (both internal and external) are crucial to a sales person's success. Internal referrals help ensure you know all the decision makers, the decision-making process and buying criteria for ... (Read more)


    Decision Makers and Decision-Making Processes (SA-011)

    Every prospect has one or more decision makers and a decision-making process they use in order to make a purchase. If you do not identify all the decision makers and understand the decision-making ... (Read more)


    Overcoming Objections (SA-010)

    Many sales people fear objections, generally because they do not know how to handle them when they arise. Really, sales people should embrace objections because they indicate that the prospect is e... (Read more)


    Closing Skills (SA-009)

    There are myriad training programs that focus on just the "final close" -- and not the "incremental" closes that make for a more seamless progression through the sales process. Some sales people vi... (Read more)


    Impact-Based Sales Presentations (SA-008)

    A solution-based sales presentation ties together all the other parts of the sales process and positions you for the final close. This lesson covers: Proper preparation for solutions presentatio... (Read more)